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If you have visited Traditions’ Minneapolis showroom at 4245 Excelsior Boulevard, you are familiar with the vintage building’s unique layout and style, including the beautiful courtyard surrounded by what appears to be a U-shaped building. In actuality, the building consists of two separate structures, now known as Traditions and The Studio, that flank the courtyard in a U-shape.

The yellow brick building was constructed in 1940 as Miracle Mile was just beginning, and has since been home to many small businesses.

The Joppa Pharmacy was the first drug store to sell TVs when it occupied the left wing of the building from 1948 to 1953. It then became the Warren Pharmacy, which remained until 1970. Meanwhile, the Irish Washerwoman operated in the basement of the same building from 1948 to 1967. The laundry business offered self-service or full-service options with twenty Bendix washers. These businesses also advertised their Soda Grill and TV Lounge, which was located in the basement.

The middle section of the building housed many doctors and dentists over the years, most notably, The Kindy Optical Company. Dr. Richard Kindy, who opened this location in 1954, was renowned for having a mini-golf course in part of what is now the courtyard, offering it as entertainment for patients and fellow Miracle Mile businesspeople (Above Right Image; Tubert, 1982). In the lower-level of this section, the Joppa Beauty Salon and Barber Shop operated from 1942 to 1947 and Deloris Larson’s salon from 1951 to 1961.

On the right, where The Studio is today, housed several businesses over the years, including Arcade Television and Appliances from 1950 to 1972, later renamed Arcade TV and Organ. Northwest Guitar and Accordion also occupied the space, offering instrument sales, rentals, and lessons. Additionally, the Minikahda Barber Shop was located there briefly from 1960 to 1962 before Wayne and Esther’s “Cameo Coiffure” salon moved in for a period of time.

Since then these buildings have been home to a multitude of local ventures including the renowned Jon English Salon from 1999 to 2006. In 2008 Traditions moved in and since then we have greatly appreciated the charm of our beautiful showroom and learning about its history has helped us feel an even deeper connection to it!


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The Lynhall

“Wisdom not silver; knowledge rather than gold”

Aside from furniture and turning houses into beautiful homes, something we are fond of is testing out the new food spots in town! Now, we aren’t trained critics here, but we like good food and praising it! Last week we had the pleasure of trying The Lynhall. Located on Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis, we were excited to visit the new locale after reading the fantastic articles and wanted to show support to our fellow Design District member, Ciel Loft & Home, who furnished the interior. Our reviews are in……drumroll……we loved it!

  Upon entering the newly opened restaurant, you are immediately greeted by the friendly staff. What seemed to be a team mentality for success allowed for prompt service and inclusion in the fun, new concept.


Referred to as the Culinary Community, The Lynhall offers a vast assortment ranging from exceptional coffee and perfected cocktails to delectable delights. We enjoyed sweet and savory pastries and had dreams about the brioche French toast that night. The array of offerings is as fun as the decor, and all together, it made for a charming experience!

“We are a collective of passionate educators, chefs, bakers, craftspeople, storytellers and entrepreneurs. We believe in the importance of food and its power of strengthening families, friends and communities. At The Lynhall, we entertain, engage and invite people in as we celebrate taste, teaching and togetherness.”

“At The Lynhall, we continuously strive to create a space which inspires our employees, customers, and makers to gather around great food experiences.”

We are excited to have this new concept in our neighborhood and foresee more visits in the near future. Until then, a lesson to keep in mind a la The Lynhall:


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