• Shop Our Product

    The Designer Resale Program allows you to shop and show our entire range of products—upholstery, accessories, artwork, rugs, and lighting—to your clients, while we handle all of the details. Our Design Consultants are involved from the very beginning until the last piece of furniture is placed at install.

  • Benefit From Our Services

    Traditions’ aim is to make a designer’s life easier, while letting you focus on the business of design! Members of the Designer Resale Program will benefit from the following services that we provide:

    Design support
    Easy-to-Read quotes
    Thorough order preparation and placing
    Tracking of orders
    Climate-controlled warehousing
    Efficient white glove delivery (when needed)
    Customer service
    Additional design recommendations  (ie. drapery, upholstery, painting, flooring)

    For additional information or to enroll, please email us.